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You're never going to get that until there's an AGI that exists. It's a big leap from having a vacuum that goes around your house to a robot that walks around and does chores. It's probably the equivalent of difficulty scale to having a plane vs being able to land on the moon. This is something I'm not surprised doesn't exist.


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Nothing cancels out those emissions. They're still going into the atmosphere and contributing to the overall greenhouse gases.

You seem like you're a shill for China, so this conversation isn't going anywhere. Wasn't China caught recently as being the only country on the planet secretly using ozone depleting gases?


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I acknowledge all your points, but still disagree with your overall logic. It doesn't matter what they're doing with renewables, by adding an additional 90 coal plants, you're really offsetting all that progress and it's pretty meaningless now. If they were serious they wouldn't be proceeding with new coal plants. I'm not sure anyone can explain why the coal plants are needed except because they're cheap and fast, which has been china's motto for decades.


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It really doesn't make sense and speaks to the volume of incompetence on the global stage. China is investing in 90 new coal plants. 90. Instead of investing in renewable energy, they're doing everything they can to contribute to global warming.

It's super short term profits over long term viability and stability. It's insane really.


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I don't think you understand what I'm saying. If nobody has a job, or a job with wages reduced by a significant amount, it doesn't matter what any employer or shareholder wants. The population won't have the income anymore to buy whatever you're selling. Do you think if the minimum wage was reduced to 5$ an hour everywhere in the U.S., that anyone would have any money to buy anything?


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Good luck with that. People are already struggling. You think these employers can just cut wages? There's a certain point that you can, and then there's a point where you risk destabilizing the entire economy.

What happens if every employer decides to cut wages? Are you expecting no fallout? Right now with most people not being able to afford rent and food, any reduction on wages would be faced with a backlash not ever seen in this country.

A lot of people who say these things fail to realize that when robots replace the workers, who's going to buy the products? When nobody has a job anymore except the employers, where's your revenue coming from?


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Asking for someone to explain this stuff on reddit is almost impossible. This stuff is very hard to understand, even for those with advance degrees and years of schooling. This is the cutting edge of science that can't be summed up in a comment.

There's a famous saying that goes that if anyone says they know how this stuff works, they're lying.


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The good news is if you're unemployed it's your problem. When everyone is unemployed it's the governments problem.

If the officials in charge would like the country to not decend into chaos with them on the receiving end of the backlash, someone will figure out a solution.

I suspect it'll be a couple of years of them trying to ban AI which will never happen and it'll be a waste of time and resources, and then something will actually give.