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Really awesome story dude. I like that you glossed over the crueler aspect of hell, since we already know it's there, and instead gave us a tiered description with as much balance as possible in your universe. And the "willingly feeling unfulfilled to gain fulfillment" is just the cherry on top


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I have a set of 144 Prismacolors that I really like but haven't used since I transitioned to digital. They're very vibrant and have great opacity, and they work with multimedia paper or cold press paper alike. Haven't tried them but another seemingly comparable brand is Faber-Castell. Keep in mind both of these sets are not cheap, but you don't need to get 100+, for starters get yourself a set of 48 or even 72 and it won't break bank too bad. Blick store brand also has their own and they're not bad. Reason Prismacolors are my favorite is that you can use them with all their stuff together, layer them with Prisma markers, watercolors, etc. Lots of good options out there.

Edit: get yourself some nice paper also. A sheet of Bristol or Strathmore 400 series will stand up to a lot of technique abuse, Bristol is excellent for marker and colored pencil use