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It’s weird that you’d do this given how perfect the bf is. Are you being realistic with yourself? If you love him be open with him. If you have to let him go to experience whatever then go for it. If you want to be with him for the rest of your life, truly, then you have something that many others wait a lifetime for. Maybe it’s true that you just haven’t experienced enough yet, but what is “enough?”


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There’s no right or wrong here bro only opinions. I respect yours but disagree and that’s ok. Case closed. Others are free to form their own opinions as well.

The issue is that your tone of superiority likely due to all the time you’ve spent researching this topic, which I suppose is understandable in a way. Maybe chill a bit and go touch some grass.


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If you cared that much about sound, you’d be using wired ear devices because you can’t achieve lossless over bt connection. Sorry, Charlie but it’s not all about the almost imperceivable spectrums that “audiophiles” (is there a certification process or do you just start calling yourself an audiophile at a certain point?) care about. Not sure how you even become an audiophile without spending an exorbitant amount testing different products as you can’t actually compare anything without either buying and returning a ton of products, or just buying a ton of products. I don’t have that kind of time on my hands to waste. I’m too busy making more money to “waste”.


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I’ve had the same issue. Get some ear trimmers and clear out the ear hairs. Also, as someone else mentioned: ear hooks with the little fin that touches the top of your ear, similar to Bose soundsport earbuds.

I like using it without them though because once they start falling out it reminds me to trim my wolf-like ear canals again.


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I grew up in Louisiana and one of the first few restaurants is in my home town. I used to love the old school Popeyes yellow and orange striped straw bc of the bigger diameter. It was a trade off because you went through the drink quicker. Not sure when they changed to this one.

They did used to charge .25 or .50 for a refill back in the day though so I think it was a carry over from that. Al Copeland was a shrewd businessman that way. He also retained the recipe to all his spices so that the people he sold the restaurant to still had to buy them from his company. Crazy that a cancerous salivary gland took him out. RIP