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I am well aware of the capabilities of AI and the likely immergance of AGI in the coming decade. I said a couple of decades because eventually we may have AGI's and robotics that are able to do everything a human can do better, buts its going to take at least two decades.

Even if we developed an AGI tomorrow, it would likely be on a massive server. It will take at least 5 years to be able to deploy something that large on a mobile platform for edge computing. Add to this the fact that robotics are nowhere near as capable or flexible as a human. Its likely going to be another decade before we see humanoid robotics that rival a real human, and another 5 years of building the infrastructure to mass produce them on a scale to replace the human workforce.

Yes, if you have an office job that does not require a robotic body you may be replaced by an AI sooner. But thats the point I was trying to make, If you dont change and adapt you are going to quickly be unemployed. If you do adapt and change with the times, at least for the next couple of decades you are going to be fine. There is too much work that needs to be done that can't be automated by a server based AGI.

The next big growth industry is going to be building the future Utopia and all the automated systems so we can then worry about what we do when we are out the job. Its going to happen over the next couple of decades, if you adapt you can be part of it, if you cant you are going to struggle. Maybe we can support a UBI before we build the automated Utopia, but I would rather be part of building it.


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If you went to college and actually learned how to educate yourself, think logically and complete something complex by breaking it down into smaller tasks. Then you will do fine over the next few decades regardless of what happens, as long as you keep learning new things and adapting to change.

People who learned how to do something 10 years ago and have not improved since, and plan on the world standing still with them are going to get a massive wakeup call in the next 24 months.


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If we make no more progress with AI beyond today, and only implement what we already have. The world will be irreparably altered and our economies will be unrecognisable in twenty years time.


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I voted no, mainly because when we get to the point that an AI is comparable to a human and this debate is worth having. Money and pay won't mean what it does today.

That being said, if a sentient AGI was to be created and live in our world as it is now unchanged. Then it should have the same rights as a human.


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Remember LEV does not mean we stop aging, it means we are at the point when 1year of medical advancement produces 1year of additional life expectancy. When we reach LEV you won't see old people walking into a hospital and young people walking out. What you will see is older people being prescribed drugs that have been shown to improve life expectancy by about 1 to 2 years for the sole purpose of extending life. What happens in those additional 1 to 2 years is more of the same but every year the gains get greater until we reach a point when we can reverse ageing. It may be decades between LEV and being able to reverse ageing.