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Wait they brought that back? I must've missed the email and IG story!

They had it, or something very similar, maybe five (??) years ago for Cinco de Mayo, and I remember my take was that I was psyched to see a novel flavor, but it was not for me.

That said, I may try it as a mixer if I find it again this year. I don't think I tried that last time.


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Also MilesPerHoward on Twitter. He's the guy that mapped the Urban Trail last year, and regularly posts about interesting hikes within the city (like hidden trails in Brookline!) Even as someone who's typically lazy AF, it's always interesting to learn about some of the lesser-known hikes in the area.


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First, don't block an exit.

Second, if you do end up accidentally blocking an exit, stop blocking it as quickly as possible, especially if someone has indicated that they need to use the exit. (That was the holding the same railing as you bit.) This can mean moving into the car, stepping out of the car, whatever. Just stop blocking it.

Third, don't fucking trip someone. Ever. For any reason.

Fourth, when you do commit assault in a location that has plenty of security cameras, don't come crying to Reddit and ask us what you did wrong.


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Reply to Pierogi by TheAVnerd

I've never looked for pierogi on menus here, but now I want them.

Even better, I want a niche restaurant that's dumplings of the world. It seems like most cultures have something that's a filled carb, so put them all on the same menu and I will immediately buy bigger pants.


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Reply to Boston 311 by Equal-Love

When you figure it out, let us all know. My experience is they close them all without addressing them whether you use the app or call.

At least you'll have a paper trail to get out of a ticket?


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Doing the early vote thing... has anyone launched a write in campaign for DA? I know we're basically guaranteed to end up with Hayden, but if I'm going to throw away my vote by not voting for him, I'd rather it go to someone actually running and better than him than writing in someone like David Ortiz.


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Nope! Their eligibility and application instructions are here. They even offer digital cards for access to their online resources if you're not able to travel to Boston for a physical card. (Tip on that: if you're trying to borrow an ebook that has a waitlist, your BPL card grants you borrowing privileges to something like 7 or 8 other library networks in MA, and usually you can find an available copy of the ebook through one of them!)


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Depends on how expensive the other parts of your life are. If you travel often, party often, own a car, or have a lot of debt, you might need one (especially if you want to live somewhere nicer).

If you're frugal and flexible on what you want in an apartment, you'll be just fine.