Traditional_Ad7474 t1_jdeej18 wrote

I’ve been a pharmacist in CT for almost 30 years and I have always done my best to help people. I’ve spent time collecting syringes from parking lots of stores and facilities I’ve worked in because I don’t want anyone to have an accidental needle stick. (Many times on my own time) I’ve collected used syringes at work from “drug users” and never judged. I’ve tried to educate. A safe site like this isn’t JUST about a physical location to inject drugs. It’s also about educating people and keeping the community safe. If having safe sites leads to even 1 accidental needle stick being prevented it’s worth it. Please imagine a little kid in sandals who perhaps gets stuck in the foot while walking in the Chucky Cheese parking lot (I’ve seen needles in real life is this exact location). Imagine infection or disease results??? By promoting safe use and disposal without stigma we can decrease accidental sticks, help the environment, reduce overdose, and help heal the community. Maybe I’m just trying to say that safe sites offer more than just a place to “get high”.