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It's not exclusive to booktok enthusiasts, fans like this are everywhere. Football fans in my country literally destroy buses when their team loses and beat up anyone who wears the other team's merch.


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Sure , no problem, just that it struck me as odd how repetitive this kind of opinion is , i'm sure there a lot of poorly written non fiction yet i don't see the amount of hostility towards it as much as romance. Anyway, i'm aware you can dislike an entire genre if you can , i just expressed what i noticed.


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It's still odd , in the romance sub reddit, even when most of us don't like non fiction or other genres, we never insult them or even bring them up . A book subreddit is supposed to be accepting of all genres , including romance since it's one of the oldest genres, older than sci-fi .


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Yeah , but maybe the unpredictable aspects will be when it comes to the plot not the smut itself. If you know what i mean . Plus , there are tons of smut free romances , it doesn't mean that the ones that have it are unclassy or badly written. It just means that the author included it because that's what they like to write and read , personally i like it , it's a nice addition to a good story , if you're not in the feels it looks awkward but when you're in the right mindset it's incredible, enhances the experience more.