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Peppard didn't want Amy around, but Benedict said he was fine with her. She probably could have been able to stick around, but when the actress pushed to be more involved in the gunfights, none of the other cast supported her (b/c women shouldn't be fighting or something, idk). So she wasn't so much fired as just got fed up and left. I don't blame her, but just want to be clear, she wasn't fired, she quit.

On the other hand, Culea was definitely fired b/c of Peppard, but they at least gave her fair warning and wrote her out smoothly.


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I don't have any suggestions, but I do feel your pain. Most Murder-of-the-week shows, I can guess the culprit pretty easily b/c of the how its written. And its getting to be the same with a lot the season long mysteries.

I thought The Flight Attendent was great when I saw it, but then I realized Wednesday followed the exact same template.


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Because it was a different production company and they didn't actually get the rights to make a sequel to the original film.

They used public domain material from the books. The only thing from the original film they paid to use was the ruby slippers, which cost them a pretty penny.


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Haven't seen but it's odd when a main character gets last b/c the first is usually the most coveted spot.

>I thought the "and" credit was only done for special guest actors who only have a small role in a show.

The last spot is very coveted too b/c it calls more attention to the person's role, but that's usually a consolation prize to not being the star of the show. Again, it's unusual that Cox was not first if he is the star.