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I'll hold my hands up and say for the sake of the infographic we had to use different zoom levels, I'll make sure to do it better next time!
Just did a quick screenshot using the same zoom level on our internal tool if you'd like to compare Great Britain with Belgium if anyone's interested. As a whole, I'd still say Belgium's connectivity is better, but obviously it's a smaller country so will be easier to get full coverage.


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Just want to check I'm answering correctly, what do you mean as underserved? As the maps were created by pinpointing where public transport stops are, and a surrounding 15 min walking area, locations where there's large bodies of water would not be coloured purple as there's no station.


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The database does include Campania transport networks. The reason it looks so different is because of transport density - whilst there are transport routes in this area, it's not dense. In the visualisation each stop only has a 15 minute walking catchment area around it, so if the stops are few and far between, at the zoom level it won't show a lot of coverage. You can see when you open up the map in more detail here that there are routes in the area.


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Visualising which areas of the country are reachable by public transport. Maps with higher concentrations of purple show higher public transport connectivity.
How we built the maps:

  1. We used our own public transport database to identify the lat/long of each public transit stop
  2. We drew a 15 minute walking catchment area around each stop to identify the other surrounding areas with easy access (using the TravelTime API)
  3. We then exported the SVG file using QGIS
    Explore the maps in more detail here