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You’re getting downvoted, but let’s be real, could you detect a fake therapist or a fake surgeon better? I feel like a fake surgeon would be a bit more obvious.

Also if she did any schooling, but just didn’t get her degree/license, then it probably is super easy to fake.

Especially since a lot of people are going to be people who have never been to see a therapist and wouldn’t know what to expect, and the ones that do will just write her off as being bad ( unless she was actually decent) and not think much of it.

A surgeon? Again, gonna be super obvious super fast. Got lots of eyes on you, and your patient outcomes are much more obvious.

So while your comment could be taken as a slight against those who practice, I don’t really see it that way, it seems more like the other people involved (the patient) is much easier to fool as a therapist than some other kind of doctor.


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But if you had 500, think of all the TV shows you could catch up on! Lol.

On a more serious note, working until your 70 just to enjoy the last 10 years before you start getting frail, is kinda shitty. If we lived for 500 years, I could work till 80, and have enough retirement $$ to last the next 420 (heh). That would be like retiring at age 16 with a life span of 100. Imagine being able to retire at 16 and just enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.


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tldr; provided by ChatGPT:

There are several potential career paths that may be relatively safe in the face of increasing automation, including craft jobs in diverse environments, roles involved in integrating AI into legacy businesses, businesses that are disrupting legacy businesses with AI, certain service jobs, transportation roles, specialized medical procedures, and positions in unions. It may also be beneficial to join a side with power and influence, such as law enforcement, in order to secure employment and potentially receive additional benefits.


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It is literally defined as artificial intelligence. It is more than just vast datasets. In a large portion of AI programs, they are using “neurons”(not biological ones, but software developed to behave like one). This is why it’s artificial intelligence. ChatGPT for instance (why not, it’s the new big thing) isn’t just quoting things from its vast dataset, it is understanding the language in the prompt and responding with what it thinks is the most probable response based on it’s vast dataset. The response is likely to be nowhere inside that dataset, however.


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The benefit would be hard water buildup/stains. Hard water will start clogging the tiny little tube for the fridge pretty easily. Same as sink, only less severe. Just much easier maintenance. Instead of buying nasty CLR or whatever to try to clean the sink periodically, I never need to worry about it. Just regular ol cleaning to get the food/etc cleaned out, don’t need to touch the faucet.


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Why Ice-maker/fridge?

Some people even drink water from the TAP…. Are you suggesting drinking soft water is bad? And that people shouldn’t run it to their sinks either?

I’d be more worried about the piping for the washer not being “safe for drinking water” than anything else.

I have a whole-house softener. They did mess it up tho, my hose bibs are softened too… but that’s the only thing that wasn’t supposed to be. Everything inside the house was meant to be softened.


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12” by 8” makes it approximately the same area as a circular 12” pizza

Edit: added “approximately”. I found a pizza place stating their 12” pizza was 96square inches. And then made my comment. Then i did the math. So either they have rectangular pizza or their 12“ isn’t 12”. Either way I did the math to double check and it’s definitely slightly smaller than a 12” round pizza which has 113.1sq inches.