TriclopeanWrath t1_jdflcr8 wrote

Imagine being this much of a partisan stooge.

Our national intelligence agency is warning that there are politicians getting paid off by China. An MP was reported to have lobbied to KEEP Canadians imprisoned until it was advantageous to his party... and your biggest concern is that your perceived enemies might say bad things about Poor Justin.

You are no better than the MAGA fan boys apologizing for Trump.


TriclopeanWrath t1_jarm4y7 wrote

No, because I didn't make one. If I go back far enough into my post history, though, I can find posts about the Republican call-boy White house scandal, (repuplican) Lawrence Kings Savings and loan scandal, Roy Cohn's special relationship with Trump, etc...

Should I stick to ONLY pointing out Republican-afffiliated pedos, and avoid the Democrat-affiliated ones? Would that make you happy?


TriclopeanWrath t1_jaqqnqp wrote

I google searched for more info on this guy, and found that Twitter thread. The fact that this is a politically connected pedo seemed newsworthy l, so I added it.

I have no idea what the fuck 'shinigami eyes' is or what it has to do with a reddit account. You'll have to walk me through that one.

'pedojacket' lol.

If pedos are exploiting kids, they should be exposed. If those pedos are politically connected, that should be explored. It shouldn't matter if they belong to a group you consider to be 'your team'.