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"Why is the Dunkin/Amatos/Hannaford understaffed. Don't people want to work anymore?" 😭

"Ma'am/Sir, most of the employees can't afford to live in this county let alone in this town, so they aren't going to work here either. Maybe if we upzone the area we can build more affordable housing. Look at this nice apartment building that's proposed to go where the abandoned Hollywood video was." 🤓

"No, that building is horrible. It's three stories, practically a skyscraper. Also the shutters look different than what I want on my house. Why are you trying to make (random town) into Manhattan." 😭


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I think the homeless rate reduction will ride the coat tails of what you mentioned, assuming we produce enough new housing. If we produce enough housing, landlords will be more willing to work with the homeless (and other distressed communities) in order to fill vacant units. Right now, landlords can be very particular about tenants since they have so many interested renters.