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Go down to the finance dept in city hall to ask in person. They take forever to return phone calls or emails. It took getting my councilperson involved and they finally called the same day I got them involved.


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Cool thanks, not sure why I got down voted to hell. You mentioned crops being a concern and I was like, hey there's actually crops there in case you weren't aware, but acknowledged I wasn't familiar with how close was too close. I guess admitting you don't know something brings out the downvoters, I should have staunchly defended an opinion I had no knowledge of I guess lol.


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As others have mentioned, cremation is an option and you can check with your vet to see who they use. They also may be able to store your loved one until the provider is able to pick them up. I'm sorry for your loss. I would personally opt for cremation because if I move, the thought of not being able to "see" my loved one again would weigh on me.


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I'll admit I'm not familiar with the distance that stuff can travel while spraying due to wind, but the Fonticello Food Forest is in the same small park. I hope they gave those folks a heads up at least in order to cover crops that might be susceptible if it's within the wind carrying zone.


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I don't have any from being a kid, I wasn't into them back then. But I did recently get my partner a really dope holo trainer card made of himself and commissioned a local artist to make an awesome Pokemon themed card box to hold his special cards.


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I had a similar issue briefly last year. We had to call in and they did something over the phone that fixed it. Haven't had an issue since. I wasn't able to receive calls and making calls often resulted in dropped calls or me sounding like a demon robot. Meanwhile my partner has the same phone, on the same network, in the same location and no problems. They also extended the time until our renewal so I basically got a month free.


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Thanks for making this the daily. I'm friends with the owner and don't want to see Yummvees end like this, not after how successful it's been and the hard work they've put into both the restaurant and helping others. I mentioned it on the post earlier, but the RVA Vegans FB Group is working on organizing an event at the restaurant to help out. They'll post and promote the details on their FB/IG when they've worked it out with the owner.


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Anecdotally, this is our current dog's backstory. Hunting dog, abandoned at some point due to either poor hunting skills or the human's inability to feed him in off season, bounced around a little bit before we adopted him. A few dogs we met while looking for a new buddy had similar backstories (abandoned hunting dogs particularly beagles and hound varieties). Again, it's anecdotal, but the rescues we spoke with seemed to be familiar with the scenario.


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If they have studied this option and determined the infeasibility of it, I wish they would share that out of transparency. Folks across the neighborhood keep bringing this up but no one official can tell us why or why not. And if they have, enough of us have missed that message to make it worth repeating.


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To name a few. Fix and finish sidewalks. Expand the transit system both in frequency and locations, and add seating, sidewalk, and shelter at stops (I saw a stop this weekend with about 1-2 ft breathing room between a guardrail and a multi lane road). A grocery store in our biggest food deserts. More affordable housing. More green spaces/preserve the ones we have especially in neighborhoods with very little of it. No more surface parking lots and start converting the ones we do have into parking decks/subterranean lots in order to accomplish more housing and green space.

On a lofty dream side, I would love to see trolleys and street cars make their way back to Richmond but that's so unlikely to happen.