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I probably have 500 books in my house, but I ran bookstores for over 20 years. Friends hate helping me move. I use audio books a lot, but still buy probably 25 books a year. A lot of them have sentimental value- from signings or special events. I haven't read them all, but I have a great plan of diving in when I'm old. Rocking chair, blanket, fireplace, big stack of books. Probably never happen.


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I don't understand why anyone would get upset about a driver not showing up. Maybe they had other things to do, or just didn't feel like coming in. I mean, it's not like he has to show up, it's his choice, and his job is protected. So what's the motivation?


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MY privilege and ego?! You're self righteous, arrogant attitude that "Oh I know best" is disgusting. But I'm glad you take that position, because you're about to get spanked, hard. The biggest mistake people like you have made is thinking that the majority of people in the US support your views. They do not. You assume so because your social media and your news tells you so. You assume so because, gosh, how could someone like you be wrong?

Time for a wakeup call.

Watch what happens.


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Minimum wage will never be your politicized "living wage", and it shouldn't be. When will you people understand that businesses DO NOT exist to provide employment? They exist to make money. They have a right to offer a salary for a particular job, and if someone is willing to work for that amount, WHAT the individual does with the money is NOT the concern of the employer.

Employees must add value to a business. This, and supply and demand, determine salary. Not some bloated, made-up, untenable number that has no anchor point in actual employee value.

That you seriously don't understand these basic tenats of how a business works tells me everything I need to know about you.

As for my Republican talking wanna wait after election day and see how that works out for you? We're moving right again because of individuals like you , and I can't wait to see all of you cry like babies again.


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Yes, they're all victims of big mean companies right? Gosh, if those poor workers were just given a chance!

Your arrogance and self righteous attitude are demeaning to those individuals who DO succeed, who DO move from low level jobs by leveraging their skills, experience, knowledge, drive, and ambition. But you don't care about those people do you? Because they don't fit nicely into your victimhood narrative.

Believe what you like in your little Socialist Reddit Bubble. Keep circle jerking with your friends here. It's fine with us. We deal in reality, not untenable Reddit bullshit embraced by those who don't want to work for anything in their lives and blame everyone else for their failures.


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Your "illusion of choice" is actually an embrace of victimhood. You want to pretend that these individuals are somehow forced into these jobs, and it's simply not true. Individuals make choices, these choices lead to other choices. Sometimes these choices lead to working a job and individual may not WANT to work, but they still CHOOSE to work. It's still a choice, based on their individual situation. Situations that employers are NOT responsible for.

Personal responsibility and accountability. Your bills, your choices, your life, your responsibility.

You do understand that companies exist to make money right? That's the only reason. They don't exist to provide employment, and employees are a means to that end.

It is often in the best interest of an employer to take care of their employees because it boosts productivity, retention, and loyalty. But again, that is their choice.

But you didn't answer the core question. WHERE is the outrage from customers? WHERE are the boycotts? Why aren't these companies failing if they are so horrible?

I certainly know the answer, and I'm betting you do too...and that's why you didn't answer.


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If they become "better companies" is their concern, and their choice. Just like working there is absolutely 100% a choice. I know you hate that, but these individuals CHOSE the job. You simply can't get around that, no matter how many ways you try to spin victimhood.

If they are such AWFUL places to work and EVERYONE hates working there, WHY are so many people still buying from them? Where is the outrage, where are the boycotts? Surely everyone who shops Starbucks and Amazon aren't just pro -business folks, right?

Hypocrisy and manufacturered biased bullshit.