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Ben Graham (famous beta male investor) talked about this in terms of personification calling the market Mr. Market. He said sometimes Mr. Market feels great and has tons of energy and goes way way up. And sometimes Mr. Market feels sad and low and goes way down. Over time the feelings trend logically but day to day or even month to month they make no sense.

Now idk about that regarded shit I just said but I think Ben was trying to explain his cocaine habit to someone when he wrote this.


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What do any of those use cases do for the average person that is inherently more beneficial than using visa? Just because it’s peer to peer doesn’t make it inherently better or worse. And the transaction fees, time, and inherent complexity of using Bitcoin is going to keep a lot of people out. That says nothing to its volatility which again, proves its not all that good at storing value.

Now if you need to pay for things off grid then it’s fantastic and there’s nothing like it but the number of people who need that isn’t exactly high.


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Crushed the S&P in what? Printing dollars for the owners of Bitcoin? In that case you think about Bitcoin in terms of dollars proving it doesn’t have real adoption because it’s always anchored to how many dollars it’s worth.

Bitcoin hasn’t produced an ounce of real value since it’s inception. It has a mystical creator and promises riches to its believers like some sort of religion. At any rate due to how many people seem to want to speculate on it I doubt it’s going to 0 anytime soon if ever and I’d even go as far as to say there’s a decent chance it goes way up from here but that’s a pure gamble. And personally I’d rather gamble on something less regarded than Bitcoin.