TrueCrazyMan OP t1_j8nx7sz wrote

Reddit makes images less colorful until you click on them! These are the burgers I love to make, and they are so simple!

Using ground chuck, egg, oil, and seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic), I form patties and cook it with onions and bacon on a cast iron grill pan. These flavors seep into the patty and give it more flavor. After cooking the first side for a few minutes (I eyeball it), I flip and cook by adding butter and cover with the metal mixing bowl I used for the meat. This allows the inside to cook and the butter to melt and seep. Then I'll put cheese and cover again to let melt. After that, remove the patty and let sit for a minutes in a bowl covered with foil.

Plate with fries (I'll admit, the fries are just Idaho Grown frozen bag of fries) and watermelon. Place bun (right one is gluten free, the others are brioche), lettuce, burger, and then any other toppings or condiments you wish to have. Then you have yourself a nice burger. I still hope to improve on them over time!

I just wanted to share, thanks for reading!