Trumaex t1_j6atywq wrote

> My video games don’t look much better than they did in 2013.


Do you still play video games from 2013? Or maybe you have older hardware? Just compare anything released there to any AAA game released recently on ultra setting, with real time ray tracing.

I'm in gamdev space... and the tech in 2013 doesn't even come close to what's available right now, and for free. Just look at Unreal Engine 5 demos or even Unity HDRP demos.

In 2013 I couldn't put my VR headset and play Half Life in it.

End so on, and so forth...

What overall I have a feeling, it's not the matter of progress, but matter of your perception of progress. Maybe you were a teen in 2003-2013? Those years usually feel golden to us, but it's just a cognitive bias.


Trumaex t1_j6a91ie wrote

Nah, doubt it. They did expect troubles (and got them) when scanning all those books, yet they did it anyway. Google can afford the best lawyers. It's something else. Maybe it's not that good, maybe it's publicity stunt, maybe they want to gauge the reaction. Maybe they don't want to be first, so all the anit-ai art hateful crowd goes after someone else first. etc. etc.