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There's a cocomelon song where Jack keeps jumping over more and more things, such as a camper van, a mountain. The. It starts getting crazy. He jumps over the sun, which makes little sense based on gravity, and then he jumps over "everything". I don't know how that works without him "jumping" into another universe, or becoming a god.


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No, it absolutely is useful behind the scenes, because even if someone wanted to, they couldn't fudge the numbers at all. The current system relies, to some extent, on trust, even within the system.

Blockchain allows anyone, in your org, for example, to access the system and not having to trust them. If they make a transaction it will be seen. This would be amazing for accountants and forensics because they can KNOW all transactions are accounted for


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IMHO Blockchain as a currency is much like the idea of using physical objects as a currency. We have used many different objects, seashells, gold, paper, coins, etc. All of these objects are analogous to different implementations of Blockchain, there are pros and cons to all of these and there many different ways to implement them. So it's very unfair to lump all cryptos together.

That all being said, anyone who says it's all a scam or anyone who says crypto is the most amazing thing ever are idiots.

At the very least, I 100% see banking institutions implementing Blockchain behind the scenes that they use to keep track of transactions. But, I think, eventually, any entity that wants to accurately account for all transactions and prevent tampering will use some implementation of Blockchain.

Getting an implementation of Blockchain that works for the entire world is going to be HARD. There will be growing pains, but the technology allows for change, so it's not like everyone is locked into a certain implementation.


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It's been some years since I read it, but saying you "Loved" it seems to be a... Interesting take on it.

I found it to be very brutal in many different ways. The main character was brutal physically and emotionally to others, but also to his own self and his own feelings.

It was like a tale of toxic masculinity, but also showing how toxic it is for oneself as well.

So again, what did you "love" about it?


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The fact that all physical sports are dominated by men almost surely means that those sports rely only on physical strength and related skills.

I would love there to be some sport where different skills are useful, sure you have some positions that require that strength, but maybe you have one position that's focused on who can woo a wombat the fastest.


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Strange new worlds definitely counts. Though I think it would be called more of a crossover.

But DS9 is totally not a spin-off even if it contains some of the same characters. It's in the same universe, but it wasn't like TNG existed and then they took those characters and spun them off into their own show. TNG ended and DS9 was always going to happen, without or without those characters. Otherwise every star Trek is just a spin-off of some other one