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You are basing this on a flawed point.

You can be uninterested in watching or playing if you want. Nothing wrong with that.

But no you don't have a very strong opinion on a game you've never played. You don't have ANY opinion on it. You'd have to have played it to have one of those.

You are basically just announcing you are ignorant for no reason lol.


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I like physical copies of shows I know I will rewatch. I would keep it if I had the space.

But do you have the space? Do you prefer physical because you say you do and you mention concerns that don't apply to you if you just keep them.

Ultimately only you can answer that. But if you are worried enough to posting this you should probably just keep them imo. Unless you simply cannot store them in which case digital purchases beyond streaming also exist.


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I think its important to remember the genre too and not read too much into the wrong things.

She couldn't break out. The film says nothing about this being true for all. Not everything is a direct metaphor.

It's a horror film. Ideally you will not experience the life of someone in a horror movie


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I know you didn't mean it literally but you're still missing the point.

You just unironically told me imdb and rotten tomatoes represents anywhere near the majority of movie watchers or his demographic lol.

His enormous success suggests a few holes in that logic. Again reditors just do not truly realize how small the internet bubble is still. You've proved it with ease.


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It amuses me people on reddit think these deals happen out of nowhere. Trust me people are watching. Probably way more than you would guess.

People here really can't comprehend how small the reddit bubble is can they?