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All Clad for stainless pots and pans, my personal gold standard as well as many professional chefs. Stainless steel hotel pans in full size, half, 1/6, & 1/3 & stainless steel mixing bowls and utensils from a restaurant supply store. Vintage Griswold or Wagner cast iron


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Just jumping in to echo the indica vs Sativa sentiment. Sativa has a tendency to create anxiety in some people, indica is more of the couch locked, let’s eat some Cheetos and talk about the universe feels. Another option is CBD flower, it’s super low THC, higher levels of CBD great for pain and a really pleasant very mild high. Great for daytime if you need to still get shit done or work or whatever. Bonus, it’s federally legal so you can order it online and have it shipped. I’m super pro cannabis and I think the world would be a better place if more people smoked and less people drank. Thanks for coming to my TED talk


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The recipe I used was like a mashup of a supreme pizza & a taco. I think he was modeling it after a tombstone frozen taco pizza he used to eat as a kid. I like olives so I didn’t really question it tbh. It was delicious though, so no harm no foul


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Toppings are olives, ground beef, tomatoes, and chopped up pickled jalapeños. Crust is a pizza-corn tortilla hybrid. I used Brian Lagerstrom’s recipe on YouTube.