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Of course no one can "provide a solution to make DC car free quickly". That doesn't exist. What exactly is your point?

"No one can tell me how to fix this problem completely by tomorrow" is not the same thing as "no one has any solutions."

>clearly no joy in life. Have the day you deserve.

wow, that sure is more HaTeFuL than anything I've said to you lol. Look in the mirror


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thread tl;dr: people give you well-reasoned points, and you agree with all of them, but you just keep harping on about imaginary people who blindly hate all car owners personally

anything I'm missing there?

(before responding, please consider: disliking people who continue to advocate and reinforce our current inequitable transit system is not the same as "hating car owners")


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Reply to comment by buxtonOJ in Car-Having Etiquette by woodscomma_elle

I wouldn't be so harsh, sounds like OP might just need to learn to stop offering.

Sure, the friends should say no, but sometimes it's hard to win that battle against an insistent offerer.


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>I would feel awkward not offering a ride home from my place or somewhere I’ve driven my car to -even though a run across town to drop someone off could easily turn into an hour round trip for me.

Whaaaat? That is such a bizarre expectation to impose on yourself.

I would never expect to be driven anywhere by anyone. And I'd only ask if I know that they wouldn't need to go out of their way.

But it sounds to me like you just need to stop feeling obligated to offer.