TucsonTacos t1_iuioxp9 wrote

I mean that’s how the mall works. I’m not an engineer nor did I build it.

You’re just speculating that it ‘probably’ sucks because you ‘feel’ it must work like you think it does. I can’t explain why it does or doesn’t, but there’s no possible way when the mall opens it is -20 inside and they just pray enough people stay and shop in full winter gear until it warms up and they can take their coats off.

They’d never get enough people. Nobody would stay.


TucsonTacos t1_iugqdb4 wrote

I used to live there, and it gets even colder than that. If I had to guess I would say residual heat? Possibly something engineered with the hot water being next to the cold water pipes? I really have no idea but it was a comfortable temperature every time I went during winter.