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If you're able to access therapy through school or if you are able to find someone, it'll help to start working with someone sooner than later. I didn't get any until 27, but it should have happened by 11 for me. I know it can be weird if they're at your school, but they are not blabbing it all around at all. I know that was a fear I had with the guidance counselors at my school, but they can Also help you catch some slack. And will be way more helpful when you go to apply to college, should you choose to go.


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Moms are badass. Friend of mine had a kickers career an her ex cheated with an attorney who showed him how to takeall her money. She lost her job because the owner took another job, so while all that falls apart leaves her with a7 yr old and $5. Dad's can sometimes just totally divorce themselves from reality while Moms only wish they could long enough to pee in peace.


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It's a lot to deal with for her too I'm sure. Just keep talking to her about how you feel and every once in a while make she knows you love her. It can get easy to get back to life and lose sight of the hard stuff parent do for us to make up for the one falling short. Just don't lose sleep over that part. Every woman knows there's a risk they're going to be raising the kids solo anymore.


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When you are older, it will help to get him a little more. Didn't mean you're all compassionate about whatever, but you'll start to just see him as the fcked up adults they are. It's all going to come down to the story you tell yourself. You're over him and he can keep his money -that's my oldest brother, but he also wnt challenge my dad on anything. I do, but also for the FIRST time in adulthood my dad is helping me a fair bit financially as I deal with insane other shit (but also am helping him with some stuff too so it's ok with me). So instead of my dad's an Asshole, now it's that followed by 'because he left home tooo young, was 2 or more years younger than his peer, bullied, assaulted by other kids, then went to medical school at fsu where you are also treated like shit. So he made a lot of bad choices and has character flaws he won't allow himself to see and surfers because of it. He's probably very confused and I know is sad his kids aren't closer to him. Cry me a river, right? I know I am smart and resilient and there's a lot he did to make my childhood hard and ways he absolutely should have protected me, ways he's let me down. But It also helps me understand Parts of myself that need work, and now there is shit I will make sure to do as a parent and plenty to take note never to do. You can break the shtty dad,trauma cycle! Today just be glad and enjoy the parts of hs you can. You can't get away with some of its much longer. [As I thinking of being on random peoples property so my friend and I could roll down the massive hills. Super weird for me to do now.]


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Your mom FU telling you. You don't deserve the v weight of or ins and outs of this. Please, remind yourself it isn't about you. There was no perfect combo that he got wrong. Your life and experience is valid, but this is their FU. You're surely a great kid if she has that trust. But that was also a lot you didn't have to and should never have heard. My stepmother told me in detail about my dad's infedilty when I was only a little older than you. About 20yrs later, I can't believe shit. I tried telling her as an adult about a series of sexual assaults she or my dad could have prevented. She did not even react, just said to call My dad. Yeah, no.


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Fast food is one of those things that will eat away any and all money. I know it's nice to get that stuff, but even running into the gas station is usually cheaper & having the extra inconvenience of getting out, waiting on line really helps let you know if it's really worth it to you. In doing social work I had to help people in similar situations and it will drain you you to no end. Also, the food itself is addictive so even a biscuit makes you want to come back sooner than you would had.

Your story is hopefully educating young redditors who need to get it throughtheir head that we are in major need of disability reform.


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" “I’m kind of a nerd who doesn’t like to be the center of attention if I can avoid it..." the irony of a 'politicaian' feel that way doesn't make any sense since that's literally all they actually do, also all this does the same because he could focus on actual sex workers, not pretend to be one for an afternoon. That's all before you get his pro dead beat dad bit.


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And not be a baby about the part of the body he cares so much about, never-ending girl. Didn't fu he was being himself and called out for it. He could tell her this is what I envisioned and it freaked me out, but you have to say that and not pretend it was "for her to sort it out." Life is gross and it's a big turn off when someone can't step out of their comfort zone for you, just to be with you at a special time in a special place.