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Pretty much a tradeoff between health/safety benefits for people active in early morning versus health/economic benefits from having more daylight after normal work hours. The two sides will never agree and thus the stalemate we're stuck with. But generally the pro-DST side is winning and has gained ground, we have like a month more DST than we did when I was a kid.


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I apologize, we proactively made sure our snowblower would start about a week ago, guaranteeing it wouldn't be needed lol.

But yeah in general Boston is pretty disappointing for fun weather events. Really miss the dramatic thunderstorms in more mid-Atlantic places, here they mostly seem to miss us or evaporate.


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> Prison based punishments have proven to be a terrible deterrent over time.

I've sort of given up hope of people ever coming around to this in the US. People in the US like revenge too much. Not sure anyone past college age is really capable of evolving on this once they've dug their feet in.

Comparing the justice systems in the US and Europe will make your head spin, and once you realize just how unnecessarily cruel our approach is in the US, it's even more tragic to see widespread brainwashing into defending that system.


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Basically, bus bunching happens because when a bus gets behind it creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

Say a handful of strollers happen to get on a bus near rush hour and make loading and unloading slower than in the average situation. Now the bus is behind, and the further behind it gets, the more people are waiting at each stop, the more overcrowded it gets, the further behind it gets, and the cycle compounds until the next bus catches up and possibly jumps ahead to start picking up the excess passengers who are waiting at the stops.