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If she's going to have another man's baby and NYC pays for it to have a full ride and a pension to cover its care, she's guilty of fraud and theft and deserves prison. That's why I think a paternity test should be required not just in this case, but all cases where public funds are being used.


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It's pretty simple. Conduct a paternity test.

Even further? If she fails, indict and convict her for fraud. I'm fucking done seeing the cops and other "officials" stealing my God damned money. I pay way too much and have for years. Fuck 'Em. If she's lying put her ass in prison as an example to the rest of the scumbags.


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The people who believe in pizza gate haven't changed and that he happened to get a pizza and somehow that's a global sex conspiracy shows how fucking stupid these people are.

There is a cabal of rich people raping children, obviously. Not all of them but a handful. Pizzagate is just the stupid political hack idea born of morons either domestic or abroad who are desperate for anything to validate their stupid beliefs.


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This is just the usual legal wrangling that drags out death penalty cases for a long length of time.

I don't believe in the death penalty, but its use here is clearly not negated by showing a jury what a county jail looks like. I'm kind of surprised the attorneys aren't embarrassed by pulling this chicanery, but then again, I'm not.