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Not at all. They want your money. They don’t care how much you switch to their company. I just switched last week. My car ins went from $152 a month to $87 a month. Now I bundled homeowners ins with my auto ins when I switched to State Farm but if I didn’t bundle it still woulda been only $104 a month. That’s for 2 people yet & we don’t have bare bones ins either, also have a $500 deductible so not too bad. The only real disadvantage to constant switching is it’s a slight pain to get stuff switched over.


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Did you call the police? What did they say? Obvisouly Wawa has cameras that woulda seen the suspect. Easy if they were in a car. But folks NEVER leave your animals in the car alone. If you can’t be with them the whole time then leave them at home. Side note. There are GPS trackers you can put on your dog for like $100 a year that connect to the cell network. You can also use AirTags.