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That’s simply not true. You can polish any sort of glass, plastic or paint with a high enough grit.

OP, I have done lots of automotive paint and plastic restoration. It’ll take specialized tools like a drill, polishing pad and a high grit compound but you can make it look new again. If that doesn’t work, you could try 3000 grit sand paper and wet sand it. Then polish those scratches out with a compound.

It’s a lot of work for something that is going to look like that again after you put another case on it though.


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One of the craziest girls I ever met was in school to become a relational therapist. This girl is absolutely shit canned 3-4 nights a week, like falling down drunk. After a few drinks she always tries to delve in to personal topics with people to help them with their problems.

Like girl, no thanks. You’ve got plenty on your plate that you need to deal with before you can start looking in to my issues.


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Damn y’all some haters. At least he made a home cooked meal for his wife for her birthday. Granted, it may not be perfect, but maybe he doesn’t cook a lot? Maybe that’s the amount of sour cream she likes? We don’t know and you guys are over here just shittin’ on him.

Lotta women out there with men who don’t even remember their birthdays, let alone make a meal for them that they were proud enough to post online.


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I hope they can make improvements over the massive turd that is the Galaxy Z flip 4.

My buddy bought the flip 4 as his first “nice phone” in awhile. He’s warranties it 4 times in 4 months due to hinge issues, screen delamination, screen just randomly not working etc. He said if it breaks again he’s throwing in the towel and going to an iPhone.