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Always boggles my mind when people come to these posts and say stuff like "these boots won't last a lifetime". I don't think there is a single boot made today that will last a literal lifetime, full stop.

Muck boots are fantastic boots. The biggest downside being that there is very little you can do to repair once they are worn enough. It's full on replacement. That said, they are fantastic boots overall.


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My mother in law has one of these. It's the coolest looking thing, but for sure it's not as great as new ranges. I think the biggest thing is how long they last with little maintenance.

Sure, if you were to take both "new" out of the box and compare, than basically any new range would smoke this thing across the board (except maybe style points). That said, I think this would last longer at that same level than a modern range.


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I don't know if they have always been as expensive as they are now, I'll admit I'm not a fashion writer or anything, but they have always been more expensive than something like Carhartt as long as I've been around.

Historically, the quality justified the additional cost for hard work, even when Carhartt was in its better quality years, and especially if you wanted to not be throwing stuff away often.

Currently, from what I've seen and read, they have turned wholly into a fashion brand. Some of that is good, more modern cuts, some cool t shirt designs, and makes it more likely to continue on. However, it's also bad for durability, since as the market is more fashion focused, people demand clothing that is soft and fits well for casual use.


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I don't doubt that Filson still has some quality stuff, for now, but that said if all you're doing is chopping wood in them, then they are really vastly overkill for your use case anyway and you wouldn't realistically notice a degradation in quality.

I have no doubt their stuff is still made to take more of a beating than something from Levis, for example, but it has fallen from where it was.


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If they last 50 years or not will really depend on how often you wear them, how hard on them you are, and how on top of the up keep you are on them.

I don't have any strong recommendations for outdoor pants that will last 50 years, because honestly if you're doing outdoor things in them I'd be surprised if any pants truly lasted that long.


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Just as a bit of a counter, for all intents Filson is now a fashion brand, and the longevity of their clothing is far less than what it was in decades prior.

If I were to buy a pant to use heavily it would be the Fjallraven pants you linked 10 out of 10 times.


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I don't think you can really make a blanket statement on their brands as a whole. I find that some BPS/Cabelas stuff is awesome, and some of their stuff is absolute garbage. Even within categories, it's super hit and miss. I've had BPS/Cabelas brand hunting jackets that barely made it two seasons, and I had one that lasted from a young teen till I outgrew it.

Overall, I tend to view their stuff as worth the risk if I can put hands on it in a store, but I wouldn't vouch for it without first hand use. Their return policy has been great, unless something changed in the past year or so, so it's not a bad risk so long as you're not concerned about the stuff likely ending in the land fill.