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Actually there's this cool concept about quantum randomness creating something from nothing. So there could be an infinite number of universes spontaneously appear in an otherwise maximum entropy environment. Try searching for boltzman brains.


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How do you know other humans aren't just advanced chatbots? It's easy to think that something is not conscious just because it seems less complex, but there really is no way to know. As Decartes put it 'cogito ergo sum', or 'I think therfore I am'. And that is the only thing you can truly know, that YOU can think. Not that anyone or anything else can.


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Aren't all these words 'inappropriate' anyway? I don't get how 'twisting' urinate and rectum and other stuff you would only talk about in biology class into mildly sexual comments is even any worse than the original meaning of the words.

I don't really think that sex and bodily functions are obscene, but usually they go hand in hand?

Idk, maybe I'm over-analysing this.