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That’s a good thing to do, but you still need to be alert at all times. When I used to drive around campus, the amount of students who used to walk out into the crosswalk without looking first was crazy. My friend used to say “I don’t care, they need to stop.” Which is true, but you can never be too careful. I never hit anyone or got hit so I guess it worked for me lol


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Not sure how neither one saw the other. Can’t really tell if the person looked before crossing. Even if there’s a stop sign and you’re in the crosswalk, always look before crossing. When I was at URI, the people driving on campus were always distracted and the kids seemed to frequently cross the road without looking both ways first. Hope the person is ok


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Unpopular opinion according to the downvotes but I 100% agree with you. People will complain about the housing market but then in the same breath welcome all these people with open arms. I was born here, all my family and friends live here, and I’m fighting for my life just to stay here. Go back to wherever youre from please


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You don’t know how much I cringe when I see a post on here saying “Moving to Rhode Island from (insert state here).” That’s only one of the problems affecting housing, but it definitely doesn’t help


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No, that’s the thing. I haven’t moved over yet because there’s no room. Once there is room I’ll move over. But if I’m going 70-75 I’ll eventually get past them, it won’t take long. If the person behind me flies up on me going 90, they’re gonna have to slow down a bit and be patient