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I think people in the future might assign a value to a human-made work higher than than that of an AI work which will be nearly free. I think there will be plenty of work for those who want to work and we will have plenty of leisure time as well. I know that many years ago people thought electricity/steam engines would replace work and people would be unemployed but they didn't realize how much more complex the world could become and how many new jobs would be invented. At some point, all needs and wants will be automatically met and technology won't be able to advance any further but at that point we won't need money either.


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I don't understand the concern raised by the article's comment here. Most technology starts out as expensive and thus only available to the wealthy. Wealthy people literally subsidize many technologies for the rest of us.

Is this a call for subsidies for everyone from day 1 of treatment availability? Is it even possible to scale these treatments up that quickly?


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Am American and hate valet. Nothing like paying $5 so you can wait 15 minutes for a valet to pull your car from a spot 30 feet away. (Some restaurants don't have self parking and are mandatory valet. Also street parking is by residential permit only for several blocks and public transport is a joke)

What's even better is when you valet your car and have one too many drinks and do the responsible thing and take an Uber home. Then when you get home you realize your house key is with the valet. Fun times.


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No pranks. I have an idea for a consumer product and I'm researching the viability.

What I'm looking for is to make a sports drink that would be resistant to freezing. I don't have a specific temperature in mind, although it would be really great if it could be kept from freezing in a normal household freezer (0F or -18C).

Cost, taste, and food safety are all vital so I'm not sure how low it could feasibility go. I've heard that Gatorade freezes at 18F (-8C) but haven't done any experimenting.