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Fair enough. But have you looked into the constitutionality of the new income tax? It is concerning when the state and courts both ignore the constitution, no? What will you say when politicians who you don’t align with start ignoring the constitution? Will it matter then? I think lots of people don’t understand how dangerous it is to have a one party system that ignores the rule of law….

Today they came for my enemy I said nothing, tomorrow they may come for my friend, and the next day for me… most people don’t get the concept that abridgments of the law and your constitutional rights is something that should be VERY VERY alarming to everyone….


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Well I have paid my way through both undergrad and grad school. I don’t get why you are slamming me so hard for critiquing the state for not following its own constitution and the precedent of 49 other states, the irs, and most other countries on earth. Capital gains taxes = income taxes, which are outlawed by the WA state constitution. Please look it up and see it for yourself. This is a favorite thing of the dems of this state to ignore the constitution if it is for things they don’t like (conservatives do this to, still wrong when they do it as well). Not sure their is much to argue here.

Edit: since you are so concerned with my finances, I used my own money, merit based aid, and private loans (non subsidized) so there you go. I do practice what I preach, and I will not be filling for student loan forgiveness, I will pay the debt I signed up for, other people should not subsidize my debt just like how I shouldn’t theirs.


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This tax will have its threshold lowerred gradually. Always happens. Gov uses rich as boogeyman to get tax passed, then over time makes the tax more and more broad. This tax will have an effect on a lot of people who you and me would say are well off but certainly not rich rich. People who have owned small businesses for their whole careers and sell them for their retirement will now be hit with an additional 7% tax…. that is theft


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Yep. Reddit people don’t care about logic tho so you will be downvoted…. Just like how the new gun laws won’t be followed by criminals…. Law abiding people will again have their rights stripped to keep wealthy Seattle folks “feeling safe”… who live in gated communities with well funded PDs….


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Every tax group/gov in the world says capital gains are income….. WA state basically just bucked common sense so they could ram through this tax. Much like how they ignore the Bruen decision on their gun laws….. WA state has been 1 party run so long there are 0 checks and balances on what the gov can do…. People keep voting for the dems tho so what can you do ….


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Ya as someone from a “backwater” county the amount of vitriol towards the people of poorer counties is always very discouraging. Internet people from the city are very “progressively” about their own group/beliefs but so much so of others… smh same can be said for the poor “backwater” people where I’m from too. Seems the divide is only growing bigger and little effort to bridge the gap….


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Yep legal gun owners in rural areas (and urban as well) are stripped of their constitutional rights (see recent Supreme Court Bruen decision) by urban liberal voters in this state because many city/suburbs dwellers don’t use guns in their day to day life and think banning them will solve gun violence. Show me where banning drugs stopped drug violence? Banning alcohol , alcohol violence (dui, domestic violence, etc)? Difference is guns are protected by our Federal and State constitution but WA lawmakers don’t care because gun owners are in the minority so they can pass whatever law they want constitutional or not. Have these “common sense gun laws” worked so far? Most gun owners are all for background checks and training on safety and safe storage. But banning the very tools needed for hunting, self defense, defense of our communities is straight up a violation of the second amendment. It bugs me so much to live in a state where we are doing this. And I know I will be downvoted into infinity but I ask you look up the origins of gun control…. Like lots of things came out of racism…. See black panthers… and see how gun laws are rarely enforced and when they are they are disproportionally used on the poor and minorities. So our dear overlords sell “gun laws” for safety to their white liberal voters and the result is more and poor and minorities in jail and no real reduction in gun violence. If you don’t fix the reasons for violence you will never ever stop it.

And the reason they want gun control is control of the population and to tighten their grip on power and lessen chance of citizens holding them accountable and to make us more dependent on them. It baffles me that the party that does not lien the police writes laws where the police are exempt from the gun control laws…. So only criminals and police will have: “high capacity” (really standard capacity) magazines and semi automatic rifles. While law abiding citizens will be forced to be handcuffed with nerfed weapons…. All for our safety???? Make it make sense…. If they want mandatory safety training… sign me up. Mandatory background checks… sign me up. But banning common defense tools but exempting themselves and criminals???? Come on now people wake up…


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Ya travelers often aren’t ready to work from day 1 need an orientation period at no fault of their own, they are just new to a job. It is frustrating when the person needing to be trained makes 3x the trainer and more than the provider writing the orders tho. Gets old fast for the permanent staff who either can’t travel (life, kids, house, etc) or like their job. Traveling needs to end as it drains the budgets and perpetuates…. More traveling and lower and lower morale at work.


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Not sure I would describe Russia as libertarian…. Haven’t seen many libertarians advocating for state controlled/heavily influenced economy and mass invasions of neighboring countries….. a libertarian paradises is at least partially alive in lots of areas of rural USA where people live more in connection with nature and their neighbors. Obviously these people benefit from gov subsidies tho involving healthcare and infrastructure and agriculture but culturally the people do live a libertarian lifestyle (from my own experience).


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Murray has cost you more than 30 cents a text with the “inflation reduction act” haha. Inflation has gone up since its passage, and usually government spending increases inflation rather than the opposite. That’s like if I passed a “household savings bill” that involved me spending 10,000$ and adding to my debt. Very wise marketing by politicians to spin another spending bill as a way to lower inflation…. Gotta love politicians all they do is spend other peoples money to appease the people who donated to their campaign and to guarantee themselves a nice “advisor” or “lobbyist” job once they do eventually lose election.

Before the Reddit crowd roasts me for not towing the dem line. I also believe the GOP does the same exact stuff and I’m not endorsing a certain candidate or party over the other. Both just play the blame game and spend more than the budget and try to appease special interest groups. I’m just trying to point out that while the text scam is ridiculous and borderline harassment we have other problems as well that are less directly felt that in fact cost us lots of money that we don’t notice directly (ie poor energy policy that makes us reliant on the wills of dictatorships overseas while we could become energy independent with both fossil fuel drilling and green energy).