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It really is. From Rubber Soul onwards, the Beatles were strictly a studio band. They had to figure out how to do on stage what the Beatles did with a full studio. They have more musicians and modern technology, but Revolution #9 is challenging, and they make Tomorrow Never Knows an absolute banger live. Plus they play everything without breaks. They do rotate musicians, so individuals can sit out a few songs to eat and pee, but they keep going for 13 hours solid.


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Not the original artists, but there is a group called Sargent Peppercorn's Lonely Hearts Club Band that comes together once a year in Columbus, Ohio and plays every Beatles album in a 13-hour marathon, usually along with a solo album from one of the Beatles members and a few tracks by the others.

They have the blessing of Paul and Ringo, both of whom have recorded introductions for the show.


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I have tickets to see They Might Be Giants doing Flood plus a second set of greatest hits.

I caught Peter Murphy and David J touring for the anniversary of In the Flat Field. They did every song except Crowds, which Peter Murphy had not played live since the album was released. They had an opening act chosen specifically to play that song. Eventually later in the tour he would come out and sing it.