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There's no incentive. Play dumb, sellout all your customers for a ton of short term cash, oops! We didn't mean to!, roll everything back and wait for your customer base to build up again, repeat indefinitely. Until we get some laws that are more than a slap on the wrist for big tech companies.


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You made me understand primordial soup for the first time. I mean I understood what they meant but I never thought about it being an actual soup of all the required ingredients.


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I've seen this before, and I understand it, and I understand life can be created spontaneously by lightning striking in the perfect place. But what does that early early, minimal life do?? Is it about to hunt for "food"? How does it survive and replicate if it's just a few proteins that got shocked?


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Considering that one of the proposed methods of keeping people away from toxic landfill sites in the distant future is to setup a cult that keeps people away from "the sacred sites", actually I don't remember where I was going with that, but it reminded me of it.


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When I was a kid at a festival a long time ago in Taos, there was an ice cream stand there. I got the grasshopper ice cream and was disappointed it was only mint chocolate chip flavor. I remember wanting to eat grasshoppers in ice cream! I think I was reading too much Calvin and Hobbes.