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Yep sure. I am okay with bugs and probably everyone will or even should be okay. I think this is a matter of perception. I am from the place where it is okay to eat horses and dogs (but in minority still) and oh do I have a looks in my life abroad hehe but for me it is absolutely the same being lamb or dog and vast majority of people think I am totally wrong:)


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Yes but visual part is just a part, it should be a multi modal experience but for sure we are heading there. Also when it only visual you still can count time with other feelings, when we will connect to the brain I bet time can be “controlled” as well where we basically will be able to have a week experience in a minute.


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Just think a bit further with this. All this prompts and magic stuff it is all just a sand particle. We will create worlds and universes (and yes maybe this one is already this, and yes maybe we don’t know physics good enough and this world is not a simulated with a base world outside but maybe this world is simulated world from the future us). There will be an explosion of things that is far beyond or human imagination and it is (maybe) just around the corner.