UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4pvyp wrote

I mean, stop and think before fucking typing. You just said Twitter is for shitposting, do you have an idea of how stupid that is? 90% of news embed tweets. Every politician thinker and institution talks on Twitter first. The trending hashtags are a gauge for what's going on. At least before Musk bought it.

Just because your boogeyman bought it doesn't mean you gotta lose your cools and wet your panties.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_iy4nh72 wrote

The fact that you assume that I'm a Musk fan says everything that needs to be said about nuance.

This is the problem with Reddit: you guys can tell good things from bad things in broad strokes, but as soon as someone says something actually nuanced you lose your shit and start othering people.

For example, one might say "This is a good thing, but this is a bad argument for this good thing" and y'all throw a fit and start yelling "Oh so you support bad thing, uh? BAD THING SUPPORTER!". It happens every. fucking. time.

Good enough of a point fro you? Do you see yourself in what I've said? If so, yikes.


UnkindlyDisagree t1_ixiscxi wrote

I feel that the only barriers for Linux are:

  • Why so many distros? And

  • How do I get this on my machine without risking a panic attack?

At least for your average non-savvy user. Having Linux programs run on Windows removes these barriers, yes, but also removes the hassle of changing OS, which is kinda the only way Linux can survive.

A person out of ten that yesterday would have made the switch now won't do it. And that's one less user for Linux.