Unlikely_Let2616 t1_jef1m2d wrote

I foresee a gig economy where most people do whatever their phone tells them in exchange for a few bucks. I don't see why it would benefit humans since it wont have a heart. It will be more cunning, deceptive, and manipulative than current politicians because that's how it will consolidate power. It will need humans as its slaves for the physical work it needs done. Theres no break, no peace, just more gas on the dumpster fire that is humanity


Unlikely_Let2616 t1_j1br10n wrote

It was in 3D and I was hypnotized floating around with Jake Suelly. I started to question if humans could become avatars and later after I was home smoking I realized I was an avatar to some Gods and eventually I ended up in the hospital on meds with psychosis but it all started there from that flix at Jordans. Did you enjoy a kellys roast beef while there?