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Since you asked...from another article on this:

Careless driving (three counts)

 Driver failing to surrender licence (three counts)

 Failing to surrender inspection schedule (two counts)

 Failing to enter defect in daily inspection report (two counts)

 Improperly driving a commercial motor vehicle with a minor defect in it

 Unnecessary slow driving (two counts)

 Failing to maintain daily log (two counts)

 Failing to take 10 hours off in a day

 Exceeding 13 hours driving time without eight hours off

 Driving after 14 hours on duty without eight hours off

 Driving after 16 hours since last break without eight hours off

 Failing to surrender daily log

 Driver in possession of more that one daily log

 Failing to keep record of duty status

 Failing to manually input information into ELD

 Entering inaccurate information in record