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Why is a silly little website about glue one of the best things the has been linked in this sub? This is fantastic and genuinely helpful. It's this kind of specialized knowledge that really amazes me.


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Okay see you say there could be consequences for these women, and then you say you recommend a visit. And see, as a woman, that's a pretty big no for me that women could face consequences for something so small. And as a person, it's still a big no for me because why would I spend money in a place like that?


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Maybe have a sign for the recommended gear, but at the very least, I like the idea of requiring people to check in with their plans. Their planned route and how long they plan to be out. My husband likes hiking and he goes solo, and I do require him to have all the gear, but he also needs to give me a map of his route, and check in on his sat phone at every pre-established checkpoint, so I know where he is on his timeline. Would at least help if route planning were enforced to make S&R a lot faster.


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I get where you're coming from, but child marriage still happens in the US. It is still legal in most states (many states have explicitly turned down bills that would ban child marriage), and the majority of these marriages are underage girls married to adult men. And I would absolutely consider this archaic whether it's in the US or Malawi. It is sick no matter where it's happening.


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When are they supposed to grow out of it? I have two 6 year old dogs that just never stopped being this cute and it hurts me every time I say no when they beg for my food, because they're master manipulators.