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Then you are not only dumb but willfully ignorant, which is even worse. Console games were 60 dollars and more over 20 years ago - which is over 120 dollars today when adjusted for inflation. Games are much cheaper than they used to be and companies are having record profits. Higher production cost are more than offset by higher selling unit numbers. If you try to deny this you are absolutely delusional


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Again, that still can be offset by selling more software licenses - the fact that consumer software became cheaper while profits were increased clearly indicate that. I never even claimed that production cost stayed the same, I said that production cost increased. I recommend you take the time to actually fucking read my comment


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>You can't expect a game to cost the same like 25 years ago

why not? i mean yes, things got more expensive due but games are not comparable to physical goods. software can be replicated at no cost, you can sell it more than once while the production cost stays the same. if you want to sell more than one car or aircraft, you have to buy twice the material, put in twice the labor. this doesn't apply to software. 25 years ago only very few people had access to computers and the market for software was extremely small. now you've got millions of users - software can become cheaper than 25 years ago and we see that a lot actually became cheaper


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yeah i doubt that, they're removing large areas of trees on a regular basis here. usually these kind of ridiculous laws only apply to private persons, not corporations