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This is unfortunately the (current) answer.

They cannot figure out a more commercially viable option. The tech is "better" now than it was, but nothing in terms of revolutionary change for small scale storage.

There's promising tech for large scale battery storage, which frees up some of the more rare resources for smaller batteries, but nothing really in the pipeline that I have seen. (Been at least paying attention to battery tech sence the 90's).


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I have been watching battery tech since the batteries dies on my game boy. This is always the story. Some crazy new tech is announced, and never heard from again, because it's not commercially viable compared to what we already have, or to get it to market to begin with.

Edit to add: This is not to say we shouldn't be researching this stuff, just saying to temper expectations.


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Light pollution, and how camera sensors work, and how exposure on cameras work.

Its gets very technical if you want to dive into it, but that's why.

He didn't really get that far out of the atmosphere for enough of the "light pollution" from earth, the moon, and the sun itself to no longer have an effect - this is the same effect but multiplied with cameras.