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The bill allows a punishment of 20 years prison and a $250k-$1m fine for posting anything, and I mean anything the government finds unsavoury online.

By this law it’s possible that playing a video game and talking about guns/bombs could land you in jail for 20 years and all of your property is seized by the government.

Once you’re labelled a threat to national security they can search any of your computers, phones, notebooks, social media’s for anything that they deem unsavoury and take quite literally anything out of context and use it against you.

Tweeted a meme about 9/11? Jail

Called a politician an asshole? Jail

Watching YouTube videos about Islam? Believe it or not straight to jail.


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In theory they should defend their members from everything that isn’t outright illegal, being lazy isn’t illegal (thankfully) so I think that the union is just following its own guidelines to the point where this can benefit them.

If this ends up in court or in front of the union ethics committee then I can see them being blacklisted from the unions


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No, the article actually whitewashes what they did, it makes them look like the victims of Union busting rather than the actual truth that they’re lazy grifters who got their Union membership and then almost immediately tried to get a lawsuit out of it.

I’m pro union but I’m also not delusional or just fucking stupid enough to think that unions are gods gift to mankind, these people are manipulating and diluting unions.

The people you actually have issue with here, even though you’ll probably never admit it is, is the group of people who are making unions look weak in exchange for a payday.

Edit: okay this guy is mentally ill


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So let me get this straight

They used obviously made up reasons to stay off work for extended periods of time without providing any proof, doctors notes, covid tests etc

When they were actually at work they did everything they could to not actually work to the point where other workers reported them

They shit talk the company on Facebook and name drop other employees for seemingly no reason other than they were criticised for not working

And then before they’re actually fired one of them allegedly makes another post to a private Facebook group with a Union statement about their firing. He predicted his own firing…

I’m all for unions, I’m in one, and fuck Union busting, but this quite literally just lazy employees looking for a lawsuit and leveraging their Union position to make themselves look invincible

Edit; some of the comments on Facebook about the Oklahoma store where they were fired from are … interesting, lazy rude and racist employees with a few dozen or so complaints about them in the past year alone.

also I’ll just point out that the 3 were more than likely fired for time card manipulation, Apple cracked down on it a few weeks ago, whereas the other 2 were (rightfully) fired for faking covid


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Article is paywalled but I’m going to make a funky guess and say that:

  • all people killed were brown
  • all vicrims were absolutely innocent
  • there were absolutely no consequences for anyone involved in the attack.

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He was offered anonymity and a middleman in order to convey his “undeniable proof” that Corey Haim was raped but declined to do so

In August 2020, after his movie ‘The Rape Of 2 Coreys’ released, Feldman made an attempt to contact O’Neill for the same anonymity deal but apparently offered information that contradicted/lied about his documentary and so it was never followed through on.


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To be honest I think there’s a huge difference between that and what Corey Feldman is doing

Feldman isn’t protecting anyone or fearing for his life, he’s outright lying that his friend (who just so happens to be dead and cannot defend himself) was brutally raped by a “Hollywood exec” and has changed his story multiple times to the point where the only person who could have possibly raped Haim or Feldman was a relative of Haims.

He’s bullshitting to make money.


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I can’t speak to the ‘Coreys angels’ thing but the fact that he was given the opportunity to anonymously name the people who he claims raped Corey Haim and completely dodged the journalist should tell you everything you need to know

“I know the criminals and have undeniable proof of the crime, but I won’t tell anyone”


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The US military set up roadblocks between Mogadishu and Balcad to prevent fertilisers being sent from Balcad (a farming city) to insurgents in Mogadishu to make bombs.

The only problem is that 0% of the fertiliser used or produced in Balcad could be turned into bombs.

What the roadblocks actually did (and this was known by the US at the time) was prevent medical trucks with doctors and medication reaching people in Balcad

Lots of people like to focus on bombs, they’re destructive and very loud/scary. But rarely is it bombs that do most of the harm. Even today you can see people in Balcad who suffered from things like polio or meningitis and as a result are severely disabled as a result of the blockades.


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>Apart from a strictly timed hour-long lunch break

>and it paid on time

The conditions are obviously not perfect but there are factories in the US that are much, much worse. The two I’ve been to made employees eat their lunch in <20 minutes and return immediately to their station or get penalised, this included a bathroom brake.

The focus on Apple here seems to be because of its size and influence in the western world, but the conditions for this factory are from from the bottom, even in China and the The US

Good article though.


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>it was unauthorised access to computer devices

In an attempt to stop a terrorist state getting nuclear weapons.

Im sure your cat videos and micro dick pics are much more important than nuclear attacks.


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Notice how the article completely ignores the massive surge of tv shows in the UK centered around blue collar working class people.

Of course the article doesn’t mention this because the author is only upset that he can’t go to the cinema and see people struggle, and if it isn’t in the cinema then it doesn’t exist.


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Reminds me of the web comic where one of the characters is a futuristic historian pouring over the records of the 20th century using some VR machine which puts you in the history, he goes back to look at all the evil things that the fictional country of Arland did, including illegal wars, political assassinations and a horde of other atrocities.

At the end of the comic just as he’s about to publish the holo-book entitled something like “The Evils of Arland” he realises the VR machine thingy was set to “fictionalise”, when he turns it off he realises that all the evil things Arland did were actually done by the US, things like the My Lai massacre and Tulsa Race Massacre become clear to the reader as the character in the comic snaps the holo-book in half and throws it away.


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>study what sales they generate from steam only holdouts

You mean the detailed paper they released to their investors which outlined the exact amount of money they estimated they would lose including a 5 year forecast?

Oh and btw that announcement was for Ubisoft as a whole including Ubi+ which was wildly successful on consoles.

Maybe you should actually read what those papers said, instead of just the title. ;)


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>Valhalla wasn’t a failure

>Ubisoft exploiting the smoothbrained steam only customers

This is contradictory because you can’t ignore 80% of the PC market while also being a success. It’s like releasing a new song for only android users and completely ignoring YouTube/iPhone etc.

Valhalla was a failure, sales wise, reviews wise and pretty much every other metric used to measure success. It’s YouTube and twitch views are lower than every other full AC game, and the fact that Ubisoft are now doing a full 180 and returning to steam should tell you that whatever they had going on with epic games didn’t work out at all.


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>yet denies it

Unless you’re totally brain dead They Live is about the right-wing political movement.

Think about it, the movie centres around misinformation and the police being used as a tool for violence and protecting the top 1% (the aliens) who are otherwise unidentifiable without magic glasses. They don’t go to church, wear specific clothing or observe any other unusual behaviour that is directly visible to non-aliens. On top of the main ‘goal’ of the aliens is to use global warming to destroy the planet and make it uninhabitable to humans and more like the alien home planet.

Which group has for decades given 0 shits about the environment? Yep, republicans.

I get that being social stupid is as American as apple pie but you’re really embarrassing yourself if you think They Live is about Jews. It’s as much about Jews as Fight Club is a movie about Kroger foods.