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Almond trees! They get a bad rap because of the farming practices and water concerns in California, but with sufficient ground cover and bee friendly practice most of that goes away. The discussion about 3 gallons per almond or whatever do not account for the chemical reactions those three gallons participate over the 2-3 decade life of the tree. They are amazing at pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere, if that's your gig. They can also utilize and filter water unsuitable for other purposes.

Almonds are very nutritious, provide an alternative to dairy, and the wood can be used for efficient cooking and heating in an emergency. The wood can also be used for cabinetry and furniture further sequestering CO2, and because they are farmed it is already renewable.

The leaves can be extracted and used in aquariums, hatcheries, and other fishy locations as an anti-fungal, darkening agent, and food source which distinctly benefits filter feeders like shrimp.