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The symbology of Nationalism has been co-oped by folks that a majority of NJ dislike or disagree with. I don't, not love my country, I just resent some redneck nascar meth-head nominating themselves as the gatekeeper of what the nation stands for. I dont need some low IQ fox noise talking head questioning my loyalty.

My side did not fail in a coup. Cause that's super patriotic.....


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Franklin, Union, Alexandria, Readington, Where will you be working? Do you need to be close to 78? Trains? Bus?

Each HS has a niche in what they do well. Central is big, South is tiny- bigger schools more options, but also more competitive.

If you want "in town" - also consider High Bridge, Frenchtown, Lambertville, if your looking for burbs and newer development- Clinton Twp. Raritan Twp. If you want rural/farm Kingwood/ or the Amwells.

With kids that age - I'd look to be closer to a school, you'll spend a lot of time driving them, or they may end up on a longish bus route. Property taxes on a 4 bedroom will be 10K+ per year, it's not insane for NJ cost wise, but it is also still North/Central NJ.


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