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Yes he did, so any time he will talk about Framework he'll still try to be as neutral as possible. But if you really want someone 100% neutral to see review/test of those laptop from, LTT won't be the best option.

As always, it is always best to watch multiple review from different channel/media, especially when it is about a product you want to buy.


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NVIDIA kinda fucked up MXM platform a few times. I remember MSI making GPU upgradeable gaming laptop, back in Kepler era GTX7xx, and when Maxwell came out (GTX9xx), they couldn't offer upgrade for a long time because of how the new GPU architecture was heavily modifyed in terms of power delivery. Also each MXM module cost an arm and leg individually, even if you are MSI/Asus and can get them for much cheaper than a random customer. Meaning it wasn't much more expensive to just sold your last gen laptop and get the new gen one.

So I'm still waiting to see how Framework handle this, because in the past much MUCH bigger company broke their teeth on that.

I'll need a new laptop soon, so I'm looking into this and hope for the best to Framework.


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No. How do you expect to upgrade ram on a smartphone SoC, when the ram is on the same silicon as your CPU/GPU/modem?

What they call "virtual memory" is certainly an equivalent to the swap on your PC. You use some of your hardrive space as your RAM. The downside is that it is incredibly slow.


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That's what I was wondering. Only 3y of update support, and that "unknown" SoC probably doesn't have good custom ROM support. So after the 3y of official support you are probably stuck with an unsecured device, that you cannot update through customs ROM like LineageOS.

Also can we talk about about that 6,5" 720p display? What an atrocious thing to put your eyes on...