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One day at work you were chitchatting with a coworker and you idly mentioned your favorite movie. Jim the coworker sprung to life and started misquoting large parts of the movie and even started to get the plot really wrong. You’d seen this movie hundreds of times and knew exactly what was going happen next. You knew it so well that you could quote it line for line and almost perfectly match the intonation and cadence and could even get pretty close to sounding like the characters.

Jim, taken aback said that your imitation was amazing but asked if you were remembering it right. You told him you were sure of it but just to be sure you went home to pop that old Dvd into that trusty old player.

This DVD player was old granted, but even then it always stood out as being really large especially compared to contemporary ones. It was thick like an old ps2 but with a much larger footprint and it had a really big cooling fan on the top. Thankfully the fan was quiet the few times that it kicked on.

You pulled out that favorite Dvd. The box has always seemed well made for a typical dvd box it has the fancy push button in the center so that you could remove the dvd easily and the plastic was much thicker than a standard dvd box. Despite being more than 20 years old it held up surprisingly well and didn’t look faded at all. You pressed the open button on the player it wasn’t like a typical dvd player in that it was a nice tactile button which actuated a spring loaded mechanism popping out a little tray about halfway out of the device while also popping up a little cover at the same time giving you ample space to insert the dvd and upon closing the cover it restarted the tray and always closed with a satisfying click.

You watched, enjoying yourself as usual until you got to the part where the coworker’s rendition of the plot got really strange. The main character and his trusty band of adventures has just come back from an epic adventure believing that they had saved the entire realm from the wicked sorcerer, and they had returned to the temple for relaxation and healing.

You joking tell, “Don’t go in there! It’s a trap!” To your absolute amazement the protagonist and his band stop and draw their weapons. Their acrobat swiftly runs up a wall to one of the pillars of the entry way and at the top jumps backwards off the wall. He turns mid jump and manages to catch the edge of the stained glass window. He pulls himelf up and then swiftly pulls himself up then repositioned gods hands to raise his head high enough to see through a clear panel in the glass.

That evil Wizard had just used his dark magic to put all of the monks into a trance and forced them to heal his wounds.

<To be continued>