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Euros sure was close to a miracle. Be real, England/british is systematically arrogant. Hyping up everything with a UK-passport (and English) and playing in EPL, and talking down any equally great player who are not English. Or imagine a English player doing rather well, but are sadly not doing it in EPL are totally ignored...


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They are a few good players that are being hyped into insanity because of their passport (Kane is a great example of that). Just as any similarly good player are discredited because they are not british, playing in EPL.

It's also interesting that the expectation (that you put forward) for such a team is semi-finals in a World Cup. It was a wonder (esp. with Southgate) that they got to the last EC-final. A semi (in WC) for England is possible but surely not where they realistically is going to be.


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Well, what you are saying is absolutely correct.

To try to go deeper into the matter (only speculations). A great part of Norwegians own their own house/apartment and most of their loans have a “free flowing interest”, so when the Norwegian bank puts up the interest it quickly affects the private economy. Combine this with the extreme rise in the price of electricity (10-12 times up) and the long “tradition” of using electricity for heating to a greater extent than other countries. These two factors contribute to a quick and greatly weakened buying power in the Norwegian population.

Are my speculation onto something plausible?


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I can only speculate, but I sure helps Norway that they at the moment is one of the greatest profiteers of the Russian invasion war into Ukraine. They are taking over a lot of the oil and gas sales that previously came from Russia. They are also exporting a lot of electricity to continental Europe (and UK?).

This is not directly the answer