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Agree as well. And the same with any interviews you get. Even though you are a new graduate, you likely have life experiences that will be useful skills for any job. If there are any listed items that you just don't have, be ready with additional info, especially communication skills - critical for any type of job.


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One day one of my dogs (very smart dog, was a lab and possibly weimaraner mix) realized that we had pulled into our driveway and when he saw that the garage door finished opening, he just jumped right out the car window and ran to the kitchen door like it was nothing. After that I never opened the windows with the dogs in the car.


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Yes. And a related observation/LPT - always keep your phone charged because you never know whose civil rights you may have to help protect (maybe even your own) by videoing during encounters with police, Karens, crazy neighbors, etc. If they think there is no evidence showing what really happened, they can do what they want.