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It's happening now for sure and it's going to rapidly increase. I just don't believe that certain skilled labor jobs can be replaced in the next 75- 100 years... Things where people have to do the work because getting a robot that can deal with all the varied materials and terrain is impossible. Once it is possible it then has to become cheaper than human labor... I just don't see it in anyone that's currently alive's lifetime.

The rest of the workforce... I dunno what they will do. Lots of homeless, lots of bad shit til it works itself out. I am just focusing on getting myself to a point that I'm wealthy enough, I don't have to worry about it and neither does my kid lol.


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Uh, we weren't discussing a solution to robots taking all the jobs...

Kind of difficult to come up with a solution to a hypothetical situation that would be so far in the totally different future, that neither of us can even comprehend the actual way society adapts and changes to this future along the way... It might not be some nightmare, we will probably just change things here and there as it becomes more prevalent.

If things were exactly the same as now and suddenly robots said, " we are taking your jobs." I guess the solution would be to protest, push for some regulations, I don't know... Would we need incomes if everything was just controlled by machines? People want money for time spent but robots don't... We wouldn't need to pay them or for them. I suppose all means of making money would be through entertainment, gambling, competition, but it might not even be necessary.


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You personally disliking it doesn't mean everyone does. It's better for the body than sitting around staring at a screen. Physical activity and moderate lifting is somehow possibly not good for us? Wtf.

You're job is in an extremely controlled facility (built by people so machines could work inside) and already used machines. No wonder they are just automating all of it. You essentially work an assembly line job.

This century!? Lol they have been saying that forever and yet machines we have been making for over 100 years still constantly fail...

If your not too old, you might wanna learn an actual trade.


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Time will tell. Luckily I'm old enough I won't have to worry. It's an extremely interesting subject though.

Not semantics, with your logic a chain hoist is a machine replacing people.

Have you looked at the dfab website? It's just people using machines for some types of molded walls. Literally in a factory just fabing up small walls with a robot, which still requires a couple people controlling it and it's way slower than a couple of experienced concrete workers just doing it all the selves... Guarantee it's way more expensive too... A few products don't use machines at all and require a team of people to do the entire task. It's extremely far from constructing even a camper trailer, much less an actual house.


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I work with machines and robots in construction and I'm telling you there is no competition between human and machine even right now. The only piece of machinery that is faster is heavy equipment. Everything else is simply a better version of a tool we used before. Like instead of a hammer we have nail guns or instead straight edge screed we have powered ones, instead of levels and strings we can use lasers... Not a person is replaced though, just faster. Equipment breaks down constantly, some line breaks, etc. The computer layout equipment is more often wrong and takes forever to use, it doesn't know it's wrong but I do because I know what the fuck I'm looking at and can use other methods/ tools to verify. Nothing is ever exactly right in the plans so without an experienced human then there would be no way to adapt and overcome. I've never seen or used any machine or computer that catches its own mistake or can predict an issue that will arise.

I love construction, I loved manual labor when I was younger, it's fun, its engaging, it pays great, it's rewarding... I don't know what abuse you refer to but most people enjoy physically doing stuff... I traveled the world specifically going after physical labor, exciting, adventurous work and it was awesome.


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That link is just a different version of a forklift or crane so not a good example of robots replacing construction workers at all.

3d printed houses are just machines that lay concrete for all the walls. This is ugly, expensive, slow, limited capabilities, remodel or demo would be a nightmare if not impossible. We build with efficient materials and concrete is not an efficient way to build walls for a building, it's total overkill, slower and more expensive than framing and sheething.

Prefab homes are built by people in a warehouse, not robot assembly lines. It's faster because it's in a controlled environment.

Yeah, farming and resource extraction is for sure getting automated.


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Exactly. People are thinking of manual labor as just factory, warehouse and janitorial work... Yeah those jobs are fucked so is administrative, financial, and other process type office jobs... So most office jobs. Transportation is another doomed industry. Farmers and ranchers are going to have interesting next century. I can't see mining/ extracting needing people for much longer.

Construction, mechanics, firefighters, hopefully artists, teachers, care providers, scientists, engineers and probably sales people are all pretty safe.


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We can't even get printers to function consistently. Every machine we use takes people to run it, maintain it, they consume energy, they are extremely temperature sensitive, when they do things wrong they don't stop, they don't catch mistakes, they can't deal with any variables... Humans don't constantly breakdown. Humans don't need constant maintenance and replacement parts. Humans are cheap.


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They will not take over construction until they start constructing things in a way robots can deal with. Fortunately people view architecture as art and important. This will help prevent things being built in simple enough way so that robots could do it.

I doubt construction can be automated in the next century. Too many variables, issues, different types of materials and parts. It's not an assembly line, its incredibly complex, it's full of uneven ground, obstacles, etc.