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In the UK you get asked for these details when you're being processed. If you identify as another gender you're asked which gender of officer you'd rather perform the search.

If you get sent to prison then your barrister petitions the judge to send you to a prison for that gender and you go through that process. I would hope that if I ever got arrested in the US (unlikely) that I'd be offered the same as I would be offered in the UK. Rather than just using details off a license.

A license is just proof of ID, not of gender. A way to prove that your details are yours. It seems ridiculous that you have to prove your gender


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Their name, address, and photo isn't enough?

Officer 1: "Oh, this person has the same name and address, and the photo looks like them. But they said they're male and the licence says female".

Officer 2: "We obviously have the wrong person. I guess the criminal got away."

There are plenty of places where the driving licence does not include their gender and the police have no more difficulties proving it's them than place who include it.

Plus, anybody can now just get an "X" instead of a gender, so how is that different?